Hospital eradicates complicated Legionella problem

A hospital in Britain faced a Legionella problem in a wing of the building that had been empty for a while before being used again. Hospital management chose a DCW generator, which quickly and effectively ‘cured’ the cold and hot water systems with doses of NEUTHOX disinfectant.

The hospital had a robust and successful system to control and monitor its water safety, and most areas were rated low risk for Legionella. But in the North Wing, which had been empty for a while before being returned to use, the Legionella problem had not been completely resolved.

Hospital management decided to implement additional enhancements to the control measures. The three key performance criteria were that the new system should not only control Legionella, but also be:

  • Reliable and cost-effective
  • Have an automated dosing system to avoid under or over dosing
  • Have minimal impact on the chemical composition of incoming water

DCW solution met all performance criteria

A carefully monitored six-month trial of the DCW generator was carried out at the request of hospital management. The cold water system cleaned up quickly, and the Legionella tests were negative by the end of just one month. The trial indicated that the hot water system required further engineering. Once that was carried out, bacterial levels reduced, and soon all outlets recorded negative results.

The DCW generator successfully controlled Legionella and met the three key elements outlined in the performance criteria. The hospital was impressed with the system’s efficiency and lack of ‘side effects’, as well as its low running costs.

As demands for the water system increased, the hospital went on to request a larger DCW generator.

High Legionella risk in hospitals

Hospitals often have complex water systems, large water storage tanks, and complicated pipework, thus creating hotbeds for bacteria. Large sites with buildings standing empty for prolonged periods before being brought back into use make it difficult to control Legionella and other waterborne bacteria. In addition, patients are particularly vulnerable, which makes effective control and protection absolutely critical.

Key benefits of the generator:

  • Effective removal of Legionella in cold and hot water systems
  • Low running costs – only salt, water and electricity needed
  • Gentle, sustainable disinfectant that is safer for humans and the environment
  • Minimal impact on the chemical water composition
  • Reliable and easy to handle, with automated production and dosing