Farm increases egg production and income

A poultry farm in Northern Ireland had problems with its drinking water – the animals were getting sick and not eating properly. After a disinfection generator from Danish Clean Water (DCW) was installed, the health of the animals improved, and egg production increased by 8%.

Nicola Beavers, director at Agri Performance Products Ltd, was searching for a product to remove dangerous bacteria in the drinking water supplied to the farm’s 16,000 hens. She wanted to move away from the traditional chemicals often used for water disinfection and found out about generators that produce hypochlorous acid (HOCl) from just salt, water, and electricity. Nicola had one installed on the farm – not supplied by DCW. However, it didn’t remove all the dangerous bacteria from the water as it lacked reliability, quality, and service. The animals were sick and not eating properly, and when a test was done on the drinking water, it showed a high bacteria count. Nicola had also updated the stable environment, but this did not improve the health of the hens. It was clear that something had to be done.

Meeting with DCW changed situation

At an agricultural exhibition, Nicola met a DCW representative and was impressed with the proven performance and references of the company’s generators. She replaced the underperforming generator with a DCW generator, which minimised and stabilised the level of bacteria in the water to practically zero. As a result, the hens became healthier, egg production increased by 8%, and there were more first-grade eggs and fewer second-grade eggs. Productivity and income from the egg production increased by more than 22,000 euros.

In addition to disinfecting the hens’ drinking water, the farm also uses the DCW generator to disinfect the air in the stables on a weekly basis, creating better breathing conditions and reducing the level of ammonia in the air.


Input data

Without DCW

With DCW
Income 1st grade eggs 236,629.140 € 258,969.810 €
Income 2nd grade eggs 3,736.626 € 2,573.747 €
240,365.966 € 261,543.557 €
Reduce death hens income 1,141.44 €
Common income 240,365.966 € 262,684.997 €
Difference income 22,319.031 €

Key benefits of the generator:

  • Effectively removes dangerous bacteria like E.coli and Salmonella from the water
  • Uses a gentle and sustainable disinfectant produced from just salt, water and electricity
  • Has a very potent effect so requires only a low concentration
  • Is easy to handle with automated production and dosing
  • Contains high-quality components for reliability